Garage Door Repair Avon

Garage Door Repair Avon

Affordable Service Plans at Garage Door Repair Avon
Garage Door Repair Avon

At Garage Door Repair Avon, the services we offer are top-notch, and well above average when it comes to quality.  We cater to any member of our community that needs help with an existing garage door, or the installation of a whole new one.  Garage Door Repair Avon has labored tirelessly for nearly a decade to ensure that a business with a good name carries more weight than just having low prices.

Local leaders of industry, housing contractors, and private homeowners alike have called upon Garage Door Repair Avon repeatedly to assist them with all of their garage door needs.  All of our technicians are trained to work with any type and style of door, and to work with any material our customers can request.  No matter the job, Garage Door Repair Avon employees have the experience and training necessary to install, repair, and revitalize garage doors at any location in our area.

To start off, when we opened our doors for the first time, we knew that to get Garage Door Repair Avon into the homes of people in our community, first, we had to get our names in the professional community.

Garage Door Repair Avon Professional Services for the Commercial Industry Garage Door Repair Avon
  • Garage Door Repair Avon technicians are experienced operators with training and manufacturer certification in all types of garage door: carriage house, hi-lift, heavy-duty steel, roll-up composite and vinyl doors, and even fiberglass.
  • Electronic Door Opener Installation, repair, and reprogramming
  • Commercial Service Contracts for yearly maintenance
  • Restoration and repair of all door types suffering from problems:
    • Broken brackets, cabling, and struts
    • Rusty cabling and rollers
    • Cable Box Replacement
    • Dry-Rot treatment
    • Weatherproofing and paneling replacement
  • Free  Services from Garage Door Repair Avon are available, including:
  • Free On-Site Consultations
  • Free Safety Inspections
  • Security Inspections
  • Price Quote Guarantees, good for 30 days!
  • 30 Day Revisit Guarantee after every job!
Our service record as a quality contractor is fairly solidified within our community, but it wasn’t always that way.  Garage Door Repair Avon has had a lot of experience working with people in their homes and businesses.  After several businesses found the amazing quality that we had to offer, it was just a short wait for those same customers to call on us for residential services.  Before long, Garage Door Repair Avon was a household name for in-home service, trust, and setting standards for others.

Garage Door Repair Avon Professional Services for Residents and Homeowners of Avon Garage Door Repair Avon
  • Material and style expertise of all known garage door types:
    • Composite, Vinyl, Steel, Wood, Fiberglass, and more!
    • Rolling, hi-lift, carriage house, Up and Over doors, Swing Hung, Sectional Doors and Designed-to-Fit Custom doors!
  • Garage Door Repair Avon technicians are all background checked and locally insured to give you the most comfortable experience possible.
  • The same great services our Commercial customers enjoy:
    • Free Safety and Security Inspections before and after every job.
    • Free On-Site Consultations with 30 Day Price Quote Guarantees.
    • 30 Day Return Visit Guarantees on all work.
  • Preventive Maintenance Plans to keep your garage door in working condition for years.
  • Same-day service on most repair work!
    • Dry-Rot Treatment
    • Weather Proofing and Thermal Retrofitting to reduce energy use!
    • Cabling and cable box replacement
    • Roller, Rail, Bearing, and gear replacement
    • Door Opener reprogramming
    • Much more
When it comes to garage doors, no one does it better than Garage Door Repair Avon.  Our technicians are quick, smart, and courteous, we guarantee that.  We believe in covering the work we do—which is why we always recognize manufacturer warranties on parts for every service we perform.  Call us today to find out how we can save you money on every job in comparison to our competition, and on our Maintenance Upkeep Services!